Year in Review

The 2012 All Americans

The 2012 All Americans will be fondly remembered as the show and year that brought ETC back to prominence in Ohio. The few years before 2012 had been big rebuilding years for ETC. in 2008 the numbers dropped to the mid-twenties and for the first time ETC did not make the finals at any competition. From then on ETC slowly rebuilt itself. It started in 2010 with a fun show, continued in 2011, and finally came to culmination in 2012.

The 2012 group was comprised of a multitude of veteran seniors that had been in ETC for multiple years. Not only were the veterans, they were hungry to get a grand championship. ETC had not won a grand championship since 2006, and expectations were high that this year may be the year the drought would be broken.

The excitement for the group was prevalent from the very beginning, as the group brought back the past two ETC choreographers, Mike Weaver and Andy Haines, to work with Tara Tober on the show. This led to some big ideas, including creating a fully functional mini-baby grand piano to be placed on the top riser for the entire show. It had some of the great elements of shows of old; a good opener, props in the second number, a ballad with a knock out solo, and a fun closer. Add on a set that included metal trusses with lights on them, and you had all the elements of a special show.

All this excitement led the group to schedule six competitions, which was the most ETC had been to since 2003. The schedule would see them go to competitions in West Virginia and Ohio, including ending the year at the best run competition in Ohio, the Fairfield Crystal Classic.

The competition season started off on a high note, as the group placed 3rd behind big names Center Grove and Piqua. Their second competition was where they really started to feel as though they could do something special. At that competition in Beavercreek Ohio, they tied Piqua for 1st place, but the tiebreaker left them 2nd overall. Although getting 2nd on a tiebreaker was heartbreaking, it also gave the kids all the confidence that they could end up taking home a win on the year.

At their next competition at Poca, WV the group ended up getting 5th place behind some of the bigger groups in West Virginia. They then went to Cuyahoga Falls and placed third behind Solon and Hurricane. At these competitions the All Americans got valuable experience and it led to a rematch with Piqua at St. Clairsville.

This competition was the one that many felt could be their moment, as it was going to come down to ETC vs Piqua. After a great prelims performance the group felt they were in a good spot, but you never know in show choir. The prelim awards ended up being very special, as ETC swept almost every award given out. They were awarded Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Band, Best Show Design, Best Costumes, and Best Female Soloist Brianna Bell. After another good performance in finals, the All Americans achieved their dream. They were awarded that first grand championship since 2006.

After St. Clarisville the All Americans concluded their season with a 3rd place at Fairfield behind one of the nations best choir Wheaton Warrenville South the Classics, and Edgewood Music Warehouse. They were the highest placing Ohio Choir and once again Brianna Bell took home Best Female Soloist.

The 2012 All Americans was a group that will always be remembered as an influential one for ETC. The show not only ended ETC’s win draught, but also set up the All Americans to be the group that it is today.



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