Year in Review


The 2015 All Americans

The 2015 All Americans was a very special one in ETC history. This group combined great vocal power with a compelling show to make one of the most memorable shows ETC has ever had. People in the Ohio show choir world still talk about the show to this day.

After a very successful 2014 year which saw them beat groups such as Findlay, Twinsburg, Solon, and Medina, the group was looking to build on that success. It hadn’t been since the 90s that ETC had defeated Findlay or Twinsburg, so this was a momentum train that ETC real y wanted to ride.

Going into summer workshop there was a lot of optimism on where the group could go, as it had a very large and talented senior class. They learned their show, which had a different feel than the last few years had been. The show was more on the dark side and was a risk that ETC wasn’t used to taking.

After learning their show and going to a fall competition, the group started to realize that the show may not be able to take them where they wanted to go. After a visit by Brett Carroll of Burbank High School in California, their suspicions were confirmed. This lead to a whirlwind of changes for the group.

Much of the show was changed or scrapped, replaced with new songs and choreography. The opener was changed, the guys number was changed, as was the closer. It was a monumental undertaking as the group only had a few months to learn an entirely new show and get it competition ready. This led to many, many extended rehearsals and the group really buckling down to get this new show learned.

There was some worry that they wouldn’t get it to the level that they were the year before, but the kids were determined to make it work.

Their first test was at Marion Harding’s competition, where they faced up against Ohio powerhouses Marysville and Piqua. The competition couldn’t have gone better, as they received best choreography, best combo, and best show design in route to a 2nd place finish behind Marysville.

That competition really catapulted the group, as they went on to win their next two competitions, taking home best choreography at both competitions, best vocals at one, best costumes at one, and won both best male and female soloists. They then received 2nd place at their next competition along with another best choreography trophy. They then ended their year with a 4th place finish at the always extremely difficult Fairfield Crystal Classic, winning Best Female Soloist.

The 2015 All Americans was a group that started with much promise, went through an immense amount of change, and succeeded to overcome all obstacles to put on one of the best shows ETC has ever seen. It is one that will always be remembered and will go down as one of the marquee years in ETC.

. You can also check out videos of the show here: ETC All Americans 2015 playlist