All Americans – Competition Schedule/ Current Show Repertoire


2019-2020 Competition and Festival Schedule:


October 26th – Strongsville “Boo-tiful Showcase”

December 14th – Brush Show Choir Festival


January 18th – Marysville “Showcase”

Overall 3rd Runner Up
Best Performer: Jahlil Underwood

February 1st – Marion Harding “Singsational”

Overall 3rd Runner Up

Best Performer: Joe Restivo

Solo Competition 1st Runner Up: Ariel Brinker

February 15th – Homestead “Classic Showcase”


Overall Grand Champions!!

Best Vocals

Best Choreography

Best Performer: William Marchetta

1st Runner Up Solo Competition: Leah Stanfield

February 29th – Grove City “Voices in the Grove”

Overall 2nd Runner Up

Best Performer: Bella Bailey

People’s Choice

March 21st – Fairfield “Crystal Classic”

Event was Cancelled

2019-2020 Competition Show

  1. Ignition
  2. Steppin’ to the Bad Side/Shady
    1. Soloists: Joe Restivo, William Marchetta, Emily Thomas, Leah Stanfield
  3. One Last Prayer
    1. Soloists: Annabelle Thorne and Spencer Marfy
  4. A Little Less Conversation/Get It Right
    1. Soloists: Patrick Sullivan and Julia Martin
  5. Go Gone/I Want to Take You Higher
    1. Soloist: Julia Scott


2020 All Americans Playlist